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Intro to My Platform


Building a Stronger Community

The key to building a stronger community is simple. We must start with looking at what our citizens needs are. We must tackle the daily issues facing our everyday citizens. The working man must be represented. I plan to give every working man and woman a voice.


Building a Stronger Infrastructure

Our county jail is one of the most pressing issues facing the headlines, but not the most pressing issue facing our community. We have roads, alleyways, local businesses, and a problem within our local departments. My first priority is to get organized within our departments. Get organized in our Council and start voting on pressing economic and infrastructure issues facing all of us.


Building a Safer Community

The crime we face in our community is not to be taken lightly. We must stop the train of drug trafficking running through our community. We must increase our awareness on drugs, come together as a community, and increase the resources to our local police to fight drugs from within.




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